Transmission and reception integrated system.

Invelco S.A. has all the necessary for developing a complete communication’s system of MF/HF.

The MF/HF communication’s systems can vary:

Transceivers can be located in a single location. You can find separated receiver’s and transmitter’s systems diversified and apart from each other.

Invelco S.A. offers all the necessary equipment to complete any possible arquitecture. This equipment offers an extraordinary versatility, so they are suitable to operate in any environment and in nearly any place.

Even if the installations, in local operation and in remote locations; the Invelco’s systems allow the operation, control and supervision of the auxiliary, the transmitters and the receivers.

The systems are completed by means of operation, control and supervision programs. These are designed specifically by our software department so therefore they are ideal.

At the same time, in the voice and data communications, Invelco offers systems and equipment that are able to ensure the better communication at each time (A.L.E. 2G; STANAG5066; etc). It also has the capacity of sending and receiving the information in the less time possible by means of using high speed communication’s technology.

The use of state of the art technologies, allows to provide highly robust equipment as well as its easy use. It increases the MTBF values up to high quality parameters.

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