Appropriate for military, civil and maritime communication use; either on control centers or coastal stations.

Modem MD 200 D - Modems


Ref.: MD-200-D

The MD-200-D modem is the lastest development for MF/HF DSC communications. It is to be used in G.M.D.S.S.

It can be installed in a Control Centre or in Remote Coast Stations.

Its construction is supported on modern programmed logic digital technics.

Type of modulation: AFSK
Carrier central frequency: 1700Hz ±0.35Hz
Modulation speed: 100 Bd
Modulation tones:  1785Hz and 1615Hz ±0.35Hz
Symbol error rate (SER): > at 0.01 at 0.25 micro V PD
Control by means of the selective call equipment LS-200-A
Modem for use of DSC, VHF transmission/reception

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