Appropriate for military, civil and maritime communication use;   either on control centers or coastal stations.

antenna AT 111 W 1 - Antennas and couplers NAVTEX


Ref.: AT-111-W

This antenna is designed for communication applications in the range from 100KHz to 1.6MHz, for its use in maritime coast stations, aviation communications as well as all type of communications in telegraphy, telephone, etc.. in the range of the H.F.

It is made of fiberglass and installed self-supported with no struts, obtaining high performance in wind resistance and adverse climatological conditions.
A complete radiant system of great efficiency can be formed when combined with the AC-160-W antenna coupler. The antenna must be executed in its installation with a good ground to obtain better efficiency.

The antenna supports itself by twelve stainless steel esparragous fited in a concrete base or other anchorage capable of supporting the weight of the antenna (135 Kg.) and the weight originated by the wind ion the antenna. This antenna has a chargue coil inside the fiberglass which forms part of the second section with the intention of making easier its coupling and increase the editing efficiency.

Frequency Range: 100KHz to 1.6MHz
Power: 1.5 Kw
Insulation Voltage: 25 Kv
Wind Resistance: 240 Km/h
Length: 74 feets (22.7 meters)
Weight: 135 Kg
High efficiency.
Very low cost of installation.
Very low cost of maintenance.
Material fiberglass.
Internal material treated bronce.


Ref.: AC-160-W

Coupler for vertical antenna in the range of 440 to 550KHz.
Especially designed for NAVTEX operating.

Prepared for outdoors
Automatic switching between frequencies (490KHz and 518KHz)
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Operating Power: 3 Kw
Frequency Range: 400 to 550KHz (especially in 490KHz and 518KHz)
Coupler AC 160 W - Antennas and couplers NAVTEX
Coupler AC 200 X - Antennas and couplers NAVTEX


Ref.: AC-200-X

It allows the couplering to two frequencies of work (490KHz and 518KHz for NAVTEX), with automatic commutation according to the select frequency.

Coupler for wire shape ‘T’ antenna in the range of 440KHz to 550KHz
Especially designed for NAVTEX operating
Range 400KHz to 550KHz (490KHz and 518KHz especially)
Operating power 5Kw
Input impedance 50 Ohms
Prepared for outdoors
Automatic commutation between two tunes (490KHz and 518KHz)


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