Receivers GMDSS appropriate for military, civil and maritime communication use; either on control centers or coastal stations.

Receiver RX 500 A - Receivers GMDSS

MF/HF Digital Receiver 100KHz-30MHz

Ref.: RX-500-A

The digital receiver model RX-500-A is made in a modular way. It uses the most advanced technique in digital technology and it is completely controlled by RS-232-C.

Frequency range: 100KHz to 30MHz (1Hz resolution)
Number of channel to memorize: Up to 255
Remote Control: Complete through RS-232-C
Input protection signal RF: 30V E.M.F
Special filter for GMDSS: 1700Hz
AGC: Automatic or manual
Scanner: Programmable for the user
Reception modes: SB, LSB, A3E, H3E, J2A, A1A y F1B
Completely digital
Prepared for receiving high speed data with external modem
Addressed data output with equalized transmission filters
Software for management of individual receiver TL-500-R
Software for management of multiple receivers SC-516-A


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